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  1. Doees your no fault heater have a hi limit reset? It would be a tiny button, about the thickness of a lollipop stick, mounted on one end of the heater. If so, push it in and reset the breaker.
  2. Hi Sean, Honestly, I can't tell anything from your video. The fact that your filter is getting is dirty shows that something is working good. Are both filters getting dirty or only one?
  3. Not being able to see what's going on makes it hard to figure out what the problem is. I would start with my multimeter at the terminal block and trace voltages through the system to see where it was going. The general rule of thumb for a hot tub is the problem starts where the electricity stops. Blown fuses are usually caused by excessive draw. You are using the correct type of fuse at the correct rating? You can't use a glass fuse in a circuit that requires a Slo-blo ceramic fuse. As far as the F1 code, it's probably your system waiting for you to set a filtration time duration between 1 and 6 hours. Pressing the temp UP or DOWN buttons should allow you to set a time between 0 and 6 hours. Of course, if you can't keep electricity going through the circuit, that won't do you any good. Dave
  4. It looks like the piece is part of a floating skimmer that the previous owner glued together after it broke. It's there to stop leaves, sticks and underwear from being sucked into the filters, clogging them. One of the filters is probably plumbed to the circulation pump where it has constant pressure. The other filter is probably plumbed into the footwell drains and only has draw when your jets are turned on. Dave
  5. According to you wiring diagram, Fuse 1 is for Jets 1. So, it sounds like the issue may be a motor shorting out. Do you see water on the shaft connecting the motor to the pump's wet end, or do you see evidence of dried water (white mineral and/or chlorine deposits?) Check the voltage on the Pump 1 connectors. Between the high and low speed and ground, you should see 1115VAC when the appropriate pump speed is enabled. Between high and low speed and neutral you should see 240VAC (when the pump's turned on) Try disconnecting the Jets 1 pump from the circuit board and see if it still blows fuses. Dave
  6. The pressure switch error is probably due to the pump not turning on, which is probably due to the breaker tripping. Isn't there a wiring diagram on the inside of the cover of the IQ pack? That shows the setup for either 115 or 230 VAC. Are you sure the GFCI is working properly? Was it originally installed for a hot tub? In the circuit breaker box, the breaker's neutral's pigtail goes to the neutral block while the neutral terminal on the breaker goes to the tub. Is your voltmeter showing 120VAC to ground at both L1 and L2, and 230 across the both of them? Dave
  7. Jet pumps make one of three sounds: A humm that lasts about ten seconds before it gives up. That's the motor trying to begin turning, but having no success. A pumping sound that will continue indefinitely, but without water movement, which means an air bubble is in there and needs to be bleed out. A pumping sound with water moving, which is what you want. You probably have air in the jet pump wet end. Sometimes repeated on and off pushing of the JETS button will break it up, or you have to physically bleed the lines. Dave
  8. Check the amperage draw on the heater.
  9. You need to turn off the power and examine the circuit board front and back. If the relay's are scortched, then they need to be replaced. If the relay's getting scortched damaged the circuit board, it will need to be repaired or replaced. Wires don't catch fire without a reason. Dave
  10. You're going to need a 2" pipe coupling (which is made up of the screw on fitting and a "tailpiece" where your gasket fits) and a short piece of PVC pipe (flex is much easier to work with then rigid) and a coupling to connect to the existing flex pipe. It's going to be difficult to do the work because it needs to be exactly the same length when completed and you have very little space to work within. Remember, when you glue all the PVC together, you have to include the amount of pipe that is hidden inside your couplings. For Example, if it's 15" from the pipe on the right to the pump and the pump coupling is going to take up 2 inches, so you only need 13" of new pipe. You might be better off removing the pump on the left, or at least disconnecting the bolts that hold it to the base, so you have a little wiggle room when you're putting the whole thing back together. Even better, check out a few YouTube videos on working with PVC, you'll probably pick up a few gluing tips. Dave
  11. At least in my region, Home Depot only sells PVC for drain pipes, not pressure pipes. Loews has high - pressure PVC. The difference is that low pressure PVC has a 1/2" gluing surface, while the high pressure has 1" gluing surface. (in other words, the shoulders that the pipes fit into). For gluing, we use Christie's Red Hot cement or Weldon. I don't know if the PVC glue from Home Depot is any different, I had a sales rep tell me they're all the same. I've never seen a Fernco fitting last longer than a few days, I don't think they can handle the pressure coming out of a pump. Although I have read posts on this board from people saying they've used them. Dave
  12. Gate valves are the bane of all hot tubs. They sit there for years deteriorating or getting coated with minerals and scale, and the moment you go to use them, they either stick or leak. I have a large screwdriver where I ground the end down to make it rounded for chipping away at insulation. The problem is there could be small vinyl tubing in there, and you don't want to nick it. I've never tried a wire wheel on a drill. There are two types of gate valves, one with the 4 screws like in your photo so you can rebuild them and another type that's permanently sealed. Often, I'll recommend to the customer that we just cut the gate valve out and use fresh PVC to replace it. One less leak point for your hot tub. The only downside is that if you replace a pump or heater in that circuit, you'll need to drain the tub. Of course, as you found out, having an extra valve to leak is no great value to you. Dave
  13. Sounds like the pump vibrating in it's motor mount. Make sure your screws holding it in are tight. Are their any loose screws in the pump? Perhaps the bonding wire, the through bolts or the screws on the electric cover plate? Dave
  14. >>>> Thanks Dave! Unfortunately it does this even with a brand new filter. :-/ OK. When you say it heats at high speed, is the heat LED turning on, or are you just noticing the water in the tub getting warmer? The reason I ask is because the tub will heat up just from the friction of the pump. In NJ at this time of year, I'm seeing about 90-92 as the highest a tub can go from pump friction without the heater working. No heat on low speed and heat on high speed indicates a flow problem, which is why I suggested checking the filter. (I'd also try running without any filter to see if it will heat at low speed.) High speed turning off and coming on at low speed after 10 minutes is not normal. I can see it going into low speed because it's not heated to where it's supposed to be, but the high speed should stay on for 20 minutes before it turns off. So, it sounds like you may have two issues. First, you're not heating and second, your pump shutting off. I don't know anything about gas heaters, so I can't begin to guess what's going on there. High speed shutting off after 10 minutes sounds like an electric problem. Let me ask, did you actually time it, and does it actually quit after exactly 10 minutes? What happend if you press high speed right after that happens? Does it run in high speed for another 10 minutes? Dave
  15. Nice job. Hope they work well. FYI - Watkins just successfully sued a company that was making knock-off watkins triple bend heaters that virtually every web site and spa parts dealer was selling. My dealer told me it was for patent infringement, although that could just be shop talk. Hope they don't come looking for you.