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  1. I thought Renew is non-chlorine MPS and Replenish is the one with chlorine?
  2. I think you misunderstood me. During the winter, he added no MPS. It was Leisure Time Replenish, not Renew that i asked about. An unrelated question-should chemicals be added to the filter compartment?
  3. Or what about using Leisure Time Replenish? "quick dissolving 4-in-1 shock treatment that combines the benefits of non-chlorine oxidizers, chlorine shock, buffers and clarifiers."
  4. Thank you! We did determine over the winter by trial and error that we needed only 1 bromine tab in the floater when there was no use, in order to keep the bromine reading in range. (I don't know if our service person used MPS then at all-should he have?) In summer, I figured we'd have to fill the floater full before each group comes. The only trial and error we can do is our guy will test before and after each group. Generally 5-6 people for 4 -6 nights. Unless maybe I asked him to come each day for the first group to check it.
  5. I've posted here before about our hot tub at our vacation rental which gets used heavily in summer (in the mtns). Guests stay anywhere from 4 to 7 nights. Capacity is 6-8. Rather than have our service person come out during a stay, I was planning to leave 2 tbsp of MPS (we have a bromine system) in portion control cups and ask them to add one a day after each use. I am worried about the water getting cloudy and gross during their stay. I just spoke with someone at the company where we purchased our tub about this and am wondering if you agree with what she had to say. She explained that sanitizer kills bacteria but the dead bacteria stays in the water and that can cause cloudiness (it's not the only thing that can cause it though). And in this case, cloudy doesn't mean dirty. Though guests might think so. Shock doesn't kill bacteria. It's not a sanitizer. It's an oxidizer. What it does is it takes the dead bacteria (and skeletons!) and converts it to a gas. That's why you leave the hot tub cover open for 15 minutes after adding it. She said with a floater, there will always be sanitizer in the water, but I've seen the test show none after a bather load. Don't you need MPS to reactivate the bromine then? She said no, that you only need MPS once a week. That the bromine will regenerate from the floater -it'll just take a little time, but should be good if they use the hot tub daily. What they could do is add a clarifier to make the water clearer, maybe 2 oz every 3 days , which coagulates the small particles and then the resulting bigger particles can get trapped by the filter. Or I'm thinking if that doesn't work, we could have the guest put in 1 or 2 Tbsp of the granular chlorine?
  6. I don't have one. But someone on here recommended using Aah Some to clean out the pipes when changing the water.
  7. It's off-season for our vacation rental and this is the first winter we've had it so we are trying to work out how to manage things. It is is being checked weekly and the bromine has been too high. We kept turning the floater opening down lower and lower but even at the lowest setting it's too high. So we think maybe we should leave the floater empty and weekly put in some MPS? The only other thing I can think of is to just put maybe fewer tabs in the floater, like 2 or 3. We'd been filling it (8 tablets?) and when checked a week later it'd be empty or near empty
  8. Has anyone used these and do you know how they differ? The 2nd is made by Blue Wave- NO MORE RING AROUND THE SPA! This powerful formula uses natural enzymes to break down oil and scum in the water and on filter elements.
  9. I don't want to leave bleach for guests to use. On a related note-cloudy water. How do you know whether to bring the bromine to shock level or to use a clarifier? Or to change the water but I suppose that depends on the TDS and if the other measures aren't able to clear up the water. I am trying to educate myself in case I have to do this. And because I am not so sure the service people I've spoken to in our small town (there aren't an abundance to choose from) are as knowledgeable as I'd prefer.
  10. Thank you . It's a 375 gallon tub. You are correct-the problem is, this is a vacation rental and could have 6 people in it daily and I don't want or expect them to check. I am thinking of leaving instructions to add 2 oz after each use. Our maintenance guy will come in-between guests. I could leave test strips for them I suppose and instructions. Or maybe , even though it's a bromine spa, leave dichlor with instructions. Is that any easier to use?
  11. From what I understand, in a bromine hot tub, MPS is used like Dichlor is used in a chlorine spa. My directions say to add 6 Tbsp as a shock but not how often. It can't be weekly if 4 or 5 people are using it daily-it'd get awful gross. So is that daily?
  12. Thank you . That makes it all sound pretty simple. When would you use the Renew?
  13. I realize even a bromine spa has some chlorine in it (due to the bromine tabs). Is there a preference for using dichor as an activator/shock over MPS? If it was a home spa I might use bleach but this is at a vacation rental. I'd like to leave some product for the guests to put in after each use, with instructions. So is one more simple for them to use , or not as critical if they were to mess up and put too much in? Does one affect the pH or alkalinity more than the other?
  14. I don't believe so. The 2 oz sodium bromide packet to build a reserve is 99% Sodium Bromide. This is what's in the granules- 82.5% Sodium dichloro-s-triazinetrione, 14.7% Sodium bromide. In the tablets- The active ingredients are: 1-Bromo-3-Chloro-5, 5-Dimethlhydantoin 60%1,3-Dichloro-5, 5-Dimethlydantoin 27.4%1,3 Dichloro-5-Ethyl-5-Methylhydantoin 10.6%Other Ingredients: 2%
  15. I recently learned you can buy bromine granules. When/why would I use these instead of or in addition to the bromine tabs I've been using in a floater?