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    Love to ride motorcycles, cook out and have people over for good times. I currently have a 18x36 inground paritian pool with a bermuda hopper, and a Grande Hot Springs hot tub. I have been taking care of this pool for 8 years now and the hot tub around three months. I have done a majority of things pool related, rebuilding my DE filter, multi valve, re plumbing pvc piping, replaced my own liner and fixed some bad spots in my vermiculite bottom. Still learning a I go, Glad to be here!
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  1. I had to replace all three of my ladders steps due to them all breaking as of last summer. Looked around at a lot of different steps. Most stainless were pretty high. then I found these on Amazon. Took a chance. they are little under 13 dollars a piece. There were no real measurements listed. I got them here and they measured around 17 5/8 from c notch to c notch. I had 18 inch steps before. These worked no problem and are really nice built. Great product and great price. I actually submitted the two pics on this link. If ya need some , grab these! Says they are temp outta stock but they will ship and charge when they get them in. http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B004XYPKM2/ref=oh_details_o03_s00_i00
  2. Less algae today...but still there had to vac to waste again. CL is super high and put in 4 lbs of CYA yesterday. I read that it can take a week before your CYA readings are right.... is this true ?
  3. wow I would not be happy with that. I had a few companies look at mine last year and give me quotes on a new liner. I got two high ones so I did it myself. I had to go down into the pool one last time right before I installed the liner to ensure there were no sticks or rocks and I swept my floor gently and got rid of everything I could. I would think a pool company would do the same. I had one little rock I found so I know its annoying. Good luck on getting them to fix it. Hope they stand by their work!
  4. working on it! thanks for the help so far!
  5. ok so only pool store option here is leslies...and I hate to buy from them. but I will go there right now and see if they have CYA powder. I have to ask whats the deal with a sock ? sorry new to this part of it wanna make sure im doing it right. And in my reading it seems I need to have a CYA reading of around 80 ppm for this much sun ...does that sound right ?
  6. ok got a 6 way test kit by HTC. heres my results as of this morning. The bottom and corners are all covered with this algae once again. Readings are before vacuuming. TC 1-2 Ph 6.8 Alk 40 ppm Hardness 110 ppm CYA I did the test as stated. mixed the 7ml of water with the additional 7ml of re agent. Mixed for 30 seconds, pours slowly into the tube with the black dot at the bottom. it was still crystal clear all the way up to the top reading of 30..... the mixture is supposed to be cloudy and you take a reading when the black dot disappears from looking down on the top of the tube. The mixture is not a bit cloudy. So....what do you guys think ? Im about to go vacuum to waste and get all the algae out of the pool once again. Also... I forgot to mention, my pool sits in the 100 plus degree Texas sun every day withno shade until around 7pm every night.
  7. I put the new liner in last june and filled the pool up with the garden hose/tap water. I only have a small test kit that test ph and CF. Im learning about CYA now. I guess I need a better test kit to test for the CYA level first. The chlorine does seem to be eaten up very quickly no matter what I use. I can vac the entire pool bottom to waste and have no signs of this stuff.. then two hours later the corners in the deep end are full of it. I have not used a copper based algaecide since I was told it was the culprit turning my daughters hair bright green. At starts up I did use metal free as instructed by the liner company start up kit they sent. could that cause a problem ? Im going to look for a better test kit! Thanks for the info. Very helpful.
  8. Hello, Im new to this forumn and looking forward to learning and helping as much as possible! Last two weeks I have had this problem with my pool. I can vacuum to waste and my pool looks great! Then over night or some times later in the day my pool is covered with what I think its mustard algea ? Whats the best way to get rid of this prob ? My ph is 7.4-7.8 ... usually have at least .1-.3 Chl level. I also use Phos Free as directed...and Polyethylene / ethylene dichloride as an algea preventitive. What can I do to get rid of this stuff ? Thanks for the help. Hers some pics of my prob! http://imgur.com/a/wSskz#0