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  1. Time for a new cover. Once the inner core of styrofoam is saturated with water it's game over. It is constantly absorbing moisture from water in spa. This happened to me.
  2. Getting a FL1 fault. Where is the temperature sensor? Thanks
  3. My inground pool pump is currently wired directly (with switch outside) to the panel in the house. I've read that a Jandy Lite2 is capable of controlling the pump. How would I go about setting this up? Thanks
  4. I keep getting FL2 fault code. Changed igniter and cleaned flame sensor. I was poking around the other day and wiggled the wires that go into the gas valve. All the power cut out on heater? Tried resetting via breaker. No LCD or anything. Any ideas?
  5. Yeah thanks Pool Clown. More money to be spent! Alwaysproblems- found it here for $200
  6. If I were to do it all again, I would stay to a basic rectangular shape. Our pool does not have 1 straight edge so when replacing solar covers/ winter cover everything has to be cut to fit. If our pool was a rectangle a mesh type winter/safety cover would haveonly be $1200 but since it has to be custom made its $3900! Live and learn. Just my opinion.
  7. I have not fixed this problem yet. I'm surprised that only 2 of us have had this issue. There are replacement parts for the screen control. They run around $300 but I haven't purchased anything yet. Just running it manually for now.
  8. The control screen for my heater is displaying but not all buttons are responding. I cannot cycle thru the "modes" to set clock, temp, etc. If I push the pump button it fires up and heats water.
  9. 2 years ago replaced a board. Cell was replaced before that. Cell was spotless but cleaned it anyways. Sensor was cleaned but seemed to bulge in 1 spot. Going to order a new one. Black epoxy is best?
  10. Service code(s) 120,121 keep showing up. Cleaned cell very well. Still get codes. Also had a look at flow sensor and 1 of the metal nodes seemed to be raised higher than the others? Every 2 years there sems to be a problem with this thing. Gotta wonder if it's worth it. May just switch to CL. Thanx for help in advance.
  11. Wow, glad I stubbled upon this forum. Several questions answered already after reading just 3 pages. Thanks to all! Off to buy a new sensor.