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    Getting my circa 1983 swim spa back in pristine condition.
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  1. We bought a house with a 19' 30-year-old Rio swim spa (Rio Plastics , I'm doing a 1-time makeover to get in in shape for years to come. The spa is half in-ground, so I have access to most of the plumbing. I'd like to ask about jets. In the 350-gallon spa part, there are 5 jets up top, and one in the footwell across from the suction. These were driven by a pump with a 1-hp motor through 2" rigid PVC lines. One side was strong, but the last jet on the far side was pretty weak. The only air insertion was based on opening an inlet on the control panel on the spa side - no air blower was in the system. The spa seats 4 easily, 7 if they are friendly. At least half the jets leak, and they don't swivel much any more due to a buildup of crud, and the plastic itself has seen its best days; so I'll be replacing all the jets anyway. Looking at modern offerings, I see air blowers and many jets per seat, and the jets seem more sophisticated than the simple ones I have, which are just a ball-swivel straight nozzle. - Should I consider adding an air blower? - What kinds of jets should I upgrade to? Who are good manufacturers or what are good models - by "good" I mean long-lasting, trouble-free, easy to service, and giving a nice jet stream. - Should I consider redoing the jet plumbing and adding more jets at each seating position? How many and where? Will I need more pump and motor? Thanks in advance for your help.