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  1. I re-checked the voltage across (black to red) on the down side of the ground fault and got nothing. 240 on the top side of the ground fault but nothing on the down side. I checked and got 120 on each side to ground. I didn't know they (ground faults) would go out this way. I had the ground fault go out a couple years ago but it would just not re-set and stay set on. Going now to buy a new GF.
  2. Hello? We still talking about this? Just wondering what you think?
  3. I just measured the difference between poles and got 220volt. I'm thinking it's the circuit board that's bad but worries me that I'm getting nothing from the transformer. Any ideas?
  4. I didn't try that, but tub has been up and running for years. Just totally dead one day. It happened a week earlier and I shut off power for 15-min. and then it re-started. This time it won't.
  5. I checked power at the ground fault breaker, both sides of breaker and power was good on both poles (120 volts each). Then I checked the power at the hot tub power connections and both poles were also good. Pulled the power out line plug on the transformer and tested those lines and found no power.
  6. Help! My 2004 Sundance Optima spa is lifeless. I checked power to the spa and I have power but no messages on the contol box, nothing. I pulled out fuses and checked continuity and they are all fine. I checked the transformer and I get nothing. Any ideas? Thanks