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  1. I have been out wet testing the last two weeks, and know what I want! I tested a HS Grandee, Sundance Optima, Artesian Grand Cayman, and a Jacuzzi J470. The only two I liked were the Artesian and the Jacuzzi. (I love the Jacuzzi) My question is on the price. I was quoted $10,800 plus tax on the J470, which includes the usual steps, lifter, cover, and delivery. Does that sound about right? I am in Austin, Texas! Another question is about the clear ray that they use....does anyone know much about it? Thanks!
  2. I have been lurking around here for quite sometime now, and decided to sign up! As the title says, I am new to the hot tub thing. I have been looking for a while now and am ready to pull the trigger! I have narrowed it down to the HS Grandee, Sundance Optima, and Maax Elite 8500. I do not know a lot about the Elite, but the salesman was pushing it, when I was still considering a D1 tub. I have not wet tested anything yet, and I know that is a must. I would like your opinions on these tubs. I know obviously the HS is a good one, but what about this Elite? Thanks in advance!!