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  1. Hi, I was quoted $10,300 for a 2012 Optima, $9,200 for the 2011 floor model. Optima is the no lounge version of the Cameo. We just returned from our local Caldera dealer and were quoted $10,000 for a 2012 Niagara (comparable to the Optima for sure) and $9,000 for a 2012 Tahitian which I thought was an excellent for the value you were receiving in that price point. I think $12,500 is at least $3,000 more than you should be paying for the Cameo but I have found that Sundance dealers will not negotiate. I'm not sure if this is because they believe their brand is so much more superior than the rest, but I can tell you from wet testing both that Caldera spas have a more luxurious look and feel. We live on Long Island. We are in negotiations with the Caldera salesman and hoping to get him to come down on the Niagara at least $500. Hopefully we will have a spa by next week Thanks, garcias171
  2. Spawn-Thanks so much for responding. It was at least comforting to hear from someone else out there that we were quoted what seems to be a legitimate price for the Optima. So, I guess that is the model you purchased as well? If so, would you mind sharing with me what model year Optima you purchased and your experience with the model? Are you happy with your decision? Thanks again for your input. We went to see a 2012 Twilight 8.35 yesterday and were impressed with the jets on this model. Although, I haven't heard good things about Master Spa so I am hesitant to even consider the Twilight as a contender. We are going to see a Marquis spa tomorrow (The Reward) and a Calder Spa (Salina and Niagara). Did you shop any of these models? I think our issue is that we are not happy with the models available in the $8K range, but aren't willing to go as high as $10K. Wish there was something in between. Look forward to hearing from you and thanks again!
  3. Hi, We live on Long Island and have visited a couple of different dealers in our area. The manufacturers we have considered include Jacuzzi, Hot Springs, Caldera and Sundance. Today, we visited the Sundance dealership in our area and were very impressed with the dealer and their reputation. In addition, we felt comfortable that the Sundance product was of good quality. I've searched and can't seem to locate anyone from the Northeast that has purchased a Sundance spa that would be comfortable in comparing recent purchase prices. We have been quoted $10,000 for a 2012 Optima (no radio/no tax), $9700 for a 2011 Optima (radio/no tax) that has been sitting in in the showroom and $7995 for a 2012 Chelsee (no radio/no tax). My gut tells me that all of these selections are priced at $1000 more than they should be, but I could be off the mark. I'd be grateful for any feedback. Thanks, Lou