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  1. I overfilled one of our demo spas and found my dog afterhours splashing around in it. Because of this I will not let the dog out of my office while I'm in the back fixing one of the secretary's computers
  2. haha go figure....
  3. Now THAT I believe! Terminator HAHA that went over my head @ first. Good Eye RRRRRRRRR!
  4. I'm sorry Crystal, but any "Best Of" list that includes Thermospas (133 complaints in the last 36 months according to the Better Business Bureau) or CalSpa (75 complaints in the last 36 months) loses any semblance of credibility, in my opinion. Terminator I would have to agree with that one.
  5. But, and lets make some assumptions here, if it takes 8 hours for it to cool that 10 degrees from 100 to 90. Theres 8 hours of no heater use. Once 90 is reached you are correct, very minumal difference to maintain 90 or 100. Now lets talk about that reheat time of 2-6 hours. If it is 2 with a 5.5-6 KW heater then how much would the heater run to maintain 100 during those 8 or so hours of cooling, versus no heater use when the temp was allowed to drop to 90? There's alot going on here and as I said for the few pennys saved either way, if we can afford a spa we deserve to have it ready for use at any time. We work hard enough for a few pennys to not matter. Next time you go out to the bar, have one drink less and your saving more! That is an affirmative!
  6. Its you that just posted.
  7. oooo pretty
  8. Before you go ahead and do that, ask to speak to the owner and speak to him nicely and try that approach. If not, than go ahead and do that in a calm and collective manner.
  9. I would have to disagree and say that it would be cheaper to keep the temperature @ 100 degrees rather than giving the heater more work to gain another 10 degrees every night. The tub will stop running once the desired temperature is reached. Not much heat is lost and energy used if you have a sufficient enough insulation
  10. I don't recommend this but you can just pop the breaker on while the tub is empty and the pumps will shoot most of the water out of the line. Just make sure to turn it off after 10 seconds to ensure the pumps don't run dry for too long. But I don't reccomend it LOL
  11. Dream maker is a cool little plug in jobbie
  12. Good choice
  13. 1) I assume the "ball bearing" issue is someone selling you on their type of jets and that's fine but its salesmanship. When you wet test you'll decide if you like the jets, don't worry about this. 2) I like the circ pump especially to get ozone 24/7 but that shouldn't dictate your tub. 3) Don't know what Eco Smart versus Ozone means. I'm a big fan of getting a quality ozone and using chlorine with it; easy and effective. 4) 220 is preferable because you can run jets on high and have the heater on at the same time. However, there is NO difference in energy to run that heater to get a certain final temp with 220 or 110. Your bill will be the same. The difference is it heats much slower at 110. It s fallacy that there is a difference in energy used in the spa. 5) ask for their best pricing including all the options you want (get a lifter), wet test, find the spa(s) you want and then try to get an even better deal I've been doing Ecosmarte for 3 years now and I must say to stay away from the system. In order for the water to stay clear you have to rinse before each use, cannot and I mean CANNOT spill wine, beer ect... otherwise the water gets funky. Also you must have a good measure for the PH and I don't mean those color matching strips I mean Digital Strips made by Hach. Also find something to teszt for calcium as you will need to have it above 400 ppm and the PH must be below 7 but higher than 6.7. Go with the Ozone unless you plan on using the tub with one other person without parties. Ecosmarte is good under lower loads of use and take my word for it. It sounds great but is tricky to get going.
  14. I'm sorry, but T.P. Cooter simply said "He shore got a purty mouf'". Hillbilly Bill actually made the squeal comment: Poor ol' Ned Beatty REALLY picked the wrong place to spa shop: Terminator HAHAHA that is great. I need photoshop adobe advanced. lol
  15. I will get a pic of the whole thing for you and let you know...thanks for the nice comments. I love that model. You should take the Cooler lid off and show off the lighting from the cooler. That tub kicks serious ASS. great pics