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  1. I don't know if this will help, but here goes. I have problems with staining all over my liner (probably copper). It won't scrub off. I got a tip on line to try vitamin c and it worked. Now I go to the pool store and buy Ascorbix and StainX and my stain is gone in a couple of hours. I doesn't sound like your stain is the same as mine, but I thought I would let you know what good success I have had with these products. Have you asked at your pool store? Maggie
  2. I haven't used them at all. I didn't know if the pool people who opened my pool did or not, so I called them and they said they do not use copper based algacides.
  3. For the last two years, I have been having a problem with metal stains on my liner. My pool is an above ground 18 feet around and 52 inches deep. I top it off from my local town water supply, which is the water that comes into my house. I have gone to my local pool store and bought products on line that guarantee to sequester the metals, but I still have the problem. I have used Ascorbix and Stain X and the stain disappears. However, as soon as I would shock it came back. This year I have added Pool Magnet to my routine. I have been advised not to shock, so I just use my tabs to keep the chlorine up. I do not have any problems with algae. In addition, this year, I cannot seem to get my ph up to appropriate levels even though I have followed the recommendations of my pool store since I opened my pool in early June. I have also had my sand in the filter replaced three weeks ago. My pool and liner are about 15 years old and I did not have this problem until two years ago. I keep having my water tested and the metal levels have been low until today when copper went from .2 to 2. Today I was told to add Stain Magnet in addition to the other things I have been using. I am totally frustrated. I have spent so much money and no one seems to have an answer to my problem. If the metal is coming from my town water supply, can I get rid of it in the pool? If it is not from the water supply, where could it be coming from? I do not have a heater. My water is clear, but no matter what I do the metals keep depositing on my liner every few days whether I top it off or not. When the metals deposit it makes my water look green until I treat with Ascorbix and Stain X. I feel like I am just in a repeating cycle with no answers and now I have the ph problem, as well. I have not been able to use my pool at all and would love to hear from someone who has some ideas/suggestions about what could be the problem and how I can solve it. My biggest concern is the metal staining.