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  1. This is gonna sound dumb but where would the filters be? there is a round intake at the base on the side of the inside of this tub many little holes and its screwed on, should I unscrew that (is the filter in there?) as for actual pumps and such I have no idea how to access those, guessing under the house maybe i dunno.. cuz in bathroom its all encased in tile (no doors to open and access anything etc). Bill
  2. Anyone use this before? http://www.ariesspas.com/extras%20store/ex..._swirlaway.html wonder if it works or not, or if it would even help my situation... any other products or ideas? Bill
  3. Bought a house that has a HUGE aquatic brand home spa, this thing is big enough for 3 people, I dont even know how to get to the pumps and whatnot maybe under the house, cuz in bathroom its all tile around it. Anyways tub works fine! Powers up all jets spin, a bit dirty but can clean that up by hand, problem is when i run the jets/tub the water gets brown fast. I have fully filled and run the tub at least 10 times now yet everytime i hit the button and it runs for more than 30 seconds or so the tub water turns brown. I read online to try 3/4 cup of bleech and a bit of non foaming soap, tried that on a few cycles of refilling and running the tub too but its still coming out brown after jet use. Is there something i can buy or do to get those lines cleaned out and what is causing this? Any suggestions appreciated, its a beautiful HUGE tub and I am DYING to use it but its sorta gross to see the water turn brown after turning it on for a min or two. Bill
  4. Found a local deal on a used X-SPA-dition hot tub, seems to be in good working and cosmetic shape, curious of the maker and of the availability of parts for these when they need servicing? Any experiences or history on these? This one is $500 and is 3 yrs old btw. Just looking for something inexpensive for the back deck of my house till I can afford a larger model in the future, maybe 2-3 seasons of spring thru fall use, maybe will try winter but thinking it will probably be too cold outside. Thanks for any input, Bill
  5. I love hot tubs, always have since I was a kid even, wife hates them, I do have a 5 yr old who tolerates them while on vacation sitting on side putting feet in or getting in if its not too hot... I have wanted one for years, finally have moved to house where they used to have one and have a setup with re-enforced deck, dedicated 110v line etc, all I have to do is find a 110 tub and place it in the same area on the deck. This helps alot to not have to do alot of pre-work, ok now onto needs, I am 6'6' big guy, I have wet tested quite a few tubs from hot springs to nordic etc, most are 35-36 inches deep max and to me I still feel as tho I am sitting too far above water line, I don't like the fancy recliner types I am more interested in basic seating but something that sits LOW or has maximum depth. I saw a nordic that was 40 inch sides round basic seating called the warrior xl, however even the floormodel was 4 grand and our budget doesn't allow for a 4 thousand dollar purchase.... Are there any brands of tub that are known for DEEP seating and or smaller units 2-4 person seating is fine... Round or square doesn't matter to me, just looking for a DEEP unit within my price range. I have looked locally and found a few 31-35 inch deep units from various makers in my price range and might just break down and buy one of them, but hoping to find an older type that is deeper. Thanks for any suggestions or info on what to look for, Bill