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  1. it sounds like someone doesnt know how to read a transit or didnt care and just wanted your money is it a steel pool or fiberglass during excavation the groun should of been within 2" at least when we excavate a pool where are you from? '
  2. scent of a mule is funny our friend is sheepman maybe yous should get together lol
  3. sounds like the heat exchanger went bad probably due to the ph being incorrect
  4. local pool builders beware these people will not pay you for your services
  5. have you all ready purchased your pool?
  6. it should have some stretch but not that much did you square the pool?is it the correct size?what brand of liner?where are u living in what state?it could be you dont have a enough sand in the bottom it would also cause this>did you put a cove in?being that tight could split a seam in the liner or buckle the pool wall in ruining it if you have any questions let me know brian
  7. no i had a vinyl liner pool installed my decision was easy they built several pools in our development they did a outstanding job explained everything made evrything affordable .
  8. check out i think you will get a lot more for your money good luck if you wold like info on a dealer let me know
  9. if you where closer i have a brand new 2010 tub for 4,000 look at check out the outerbanks model it is 78x78 it has both bench seating and lounge 5hp duel speed pump
  10. check out and again give fantasy pools a call for information and pricing at (717)548-4112