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  1. Hey All, I had sort of the same problem this year when i opened the pool this year the water was just about black. In the last month or so ive learned so much about taking care of a pool and hopefully this will help. This is what i did, I started off by shocking the heck out of the water with a liquid shock. I have a 12-14000 gallon pool and i put in 8 gallons. I scrubbed the bottom and sides of the pool to release the alge blooms because if you dont do that it will continue to come back. I went and got a good test kit, because if you dont know your numbers your pool will never get clear. If your PH is low it makes the chlorine less effective. If its too high it will cause the water to be cloudy. If your CYA (stabilizer) is too low or too high it will also make the chlorine you put in the pool less effective. Knowing the pool readings is ABSOLUTELY KEY to keep your pool clear. If your numbers are off you can add as much chlorine as you want and you will just have to keep buying it cause you will be working against yourself. Once my pool started to go from green to cloudy blue i made sure i got all of the debris off the bottom of the pool because all of the foreign matter in your pool will also work against your chlorine and other pool readings. This may take a few trys but you need to get out as much as possible even though you cant see the bottom. I would suggest getting a net NOT a skimmer net but a deep net. Once i did that i gave the pool another scrub down with the brush. Then i went and got a powerful algecide. I think it was called copper 60. The pool kept getting bluer and bluer but wasnt getting clear it was still cloudy. I tryed alot of stuff but the thing that finally worked was called Miraclear it was a tablet that looked like a seashell that goes into the pump basket NOT the skimmer basket and i could see a significant difference the next day ( I could actually see the detail on the bottom of the pool) Once i could see the bottom i began vacuumning. I vacuumned to waste probably 3 or 4 times refilling in between. Now your gonna stirr up some stuff when you vacuumn dont get discouraged if you go about it in a methodical fashion you can continue vacuumning. ( i think my vacuumning process took 2 days). After that it was just monitoring my pool readings and making sure that i had a high FC reading. and let the filter do its job. One bit of advice, obviously if you have a cartridge filter you are going to have to clean it continuously to make sure it can actually filter out the dirt. but if you have a sand filter like i do you should only backwash the pool after the filter has a 10 PSI rise in pressure from its initial start up pressure. It know it may sound wierd but the dirtier the sand is the better it filters the particals out of the water that can cause it to be cloudy. Also if you backwash too much it can cause channeling which is where little pathways are made in the sand in the filter and the dirty water just flows through those channels and back into the pool instead of going through the sand and the dirt being left behind. When you vacuumn initially you need to vacuumn to waste. The filter does a good job filtering out stuff but if you have a really dirty pool you dont want to over work your filter cause it can only handle so much and you will eventually be putting alot of what your vacuumning up back into the pool. And definately MONITOR YOUR POOL READINGS. As ive said before chlorine is only a small portion of keeping your pool clear. If you water is not balance properly you can buy all the chlorine you want and all of it will be useless. It takes more than just gallons of chlorine to get your water clear. I really hope this helps. It took about 2 or 3 weeks to get my pool clear with alot of trial and error. I just gave you the steps i used to finally get my pool in swimming condition. Take care and happy swimming!!!!
  2. Hello everyone, Just to update everyone. I went back out to the pool store yesterday. They werent really busy so i actually got to talk to the owner who has been doing this pool stuff for many years. We pulled up all the chemicals and everything that i have bought this season and i told her everything ive been doing and how the pool looks. She said she would try one more thing with me and if that didnt work she would come out here to the house and take a look at things for me. She gave me this stuff called miraclear. Its a little sea shell shaped tablet that goes into the pump basket. She said give your filter a good backwash then put this in the pump basket. So i came home and done that and i shock it again with 2 bags of the Calcium Hypochlorite. Woke up this morning, checked the pool and wow the water is getting really clear. Almost looks like a different pool. So im gonna try to keep this thing clear now. Make sure i keep and eye on my numbers and everything. I want to thank everyone for the advice they gave. Maybe someone will benefit from reading this and clearing up their own pool! Thanks everyone!!
  3. Hi everyone, Thanks for the help so far! I went out and test the water again this morning. PH 7.2 FC 5 TA 120 CYA 30- 50 I also tested the calcium level and it was 0. That really didnt seem right to me. I dont know if that reading is correct or if maybe i have a bad test kit or bad reagents. I tested it 2 times and got the same on both. Also the shock that i have been using is Calcium Hypochlorite. I still think my filter might be having trouble filter the smaller particals thats causing my water to be cloudy, but dont want to do the DE thing and make the situation worse. The filter system has been running 24/day since i opened the pool. Water is still blue and still cloudy Thanks again everyone!
  4. Ok here we go. My cover failed over the winter and i was debating whether to pay someone to get the pool clear and ready for swimming or to do it myself. I decided to do it myself. The pool water was almost black when i took the cover off. Pretty intimidating! I went to the local pool store and talk to someone there and got everything they said i needed. Came home followed their instructions and put the chemicals in the water. The water got lighter and lighter green until it finally turned blue but it was still very cloudy ( cannot see the bottom ). I took a sample into the pool store and they had me buy some more stuff for the pool(Shock, algecide, clarifier, stabilizer, etc) so i came home and done that. A few days go by and still no change. I took another sample in and they tell me that my Ph is low and that there is no chlorine in the water( why theres no chlorine in the water is beyond me when i just put like 7 bags of shock in it a few days before). Anyway they give me some Ph rise, more clarifier, and 2 cases of liquid shock and tell me to put all that in there. So i do, that was 3 days ago. The day i put all that stuff in and let the pool filter for 5 or 6 hours my reading were as follows. PH 7.4, FC was over 10, TA 120, CYA was 30-50. My readings are still holding steady at those levels but the water is still cloudy and i have no idea what else to do. The water is nice and blue but cloudy. I have been using the bags of shock except when the pool store gave me the liquid shock and i also have a floater with the 3 inch pucks in it. It currently has 3 pucks in it. I was thinking i might be having a filter problem but if i had a filter problem it wouldnt have come this far. I have seen some post about putting a little DE in the sand filter and have been considering doing this, but not sure if i should. The sand is brand new this year just put it in 2 weeks ago. The pool had alot of debris in the bottom but i believe ive gotten most of that out. If there is some left its very little. (cant be sure if its all gone if i cant see the bottom)Im just very confused on what to do next. This is my first year taking care of the pool and i would really like to get swimming. If anyone has any ideas or can help in any way it would be greatly appreciated. Oh, and the pool is about 12-14000 gal. Thank you very much in advance!!!