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  1. Where did you come up with that? I have never heard of such a thing?
  2. Wow! What a cool pool feature! Either the one way check valve from the pump A) is clogged with debris never was installed C) was installed backwards
  3. Your dealer's answer is correct, this is a temporary condition although I don't believe this will happen for more than a few months. The enzymes are working hard and cleaning the pipes out so well that this clouding is common with new use. Keep your filters clean and increase your filtering time. Eco 1 likes a higher PH of 7.8 - 8.2. Run the pumps regularly to add air to the water which really gets the process going quicker. Superchlorinating with some Dichlor will help clear the water too at this cleaning stage. Eco 1 is a great product and will make your spa care really easy after this hurdle is passed.
  4. The blue-green algae may very well have been cyanobacteria, a photosynthetic organism that has a resemblance to green algae. Whatever it was, its gone now! The superchlorination killed it for sure and the use of the copper ions being a bacteriacide as well as a algaecide hopefully will help prevent its return.
  5. Thanks for your input. When the spa is viewed at night with its light on and the cover closed, no appreciable light is seen anywhere so I suspect the cover fit is good. Until that one particular water switch I had never experienced an algae problem in the past nor have I since. I was pretty much stumped at the time on how the algae had a chance to grow at all. It seems that the even after running the Eco-One pre-cleaner throught the spa for the ten day period and flushing and refilling, when added to the new fill the enzymes in the Eco-One monthly treatment continued to clean the spa of contaminates from inside the pipes and equipment. During the first couple of weeks after using the enzymes, the spa definetely acquired an organic smell and the water was cloudy. This is what I referred to as an early algae bloom. Superchlorination removed the odor and cleared the water for a period but it returned and I needed to retreat the water. From my experience with the product, either the enzymes finally finished purging out whatever was the source of the cloudy/odorous water from deep within the spa or the ions I added helped as an algaecide to prevent new growth. From what I have later learned from speaking with the technical specialist at Pacific Sands is that this is normal.
  6. AAS - Have you read the Eco-One instructions? The build up on your filters is good! That means its working and it is a by product of the enzymes digesting the oils/fats/perspiration and such. You will need to wash this off periodicallly by rinsing with a garden hose. I use the Eco-One system as a water conditioner to help keep the spa clean and foam free. The Eco-One replaced my need to use a clarifier and a scale preventer and cuts my usage of MPS in shocking. It seems to keep my PH & TA levels stable and my need to maintain chlorine levels are no longer part of my regular maintenance. I add a small amount of copper ions (maintain a reading of 0.4ppm of copper) as a algaecide and bacteriacide and use a small dosage of Dichlor (1 tsp.) after each use to sanitize the water. About the only time I have ever had a problem with my water was when I first began using the Eco-One and had no prior experience with it. I thought that it was basically all I needed along with a little Dichlor after use of the spa. What I found was that my water would begin to cloud up due to the beginning cycle of an algae bloom caused by me being away from the spa for a week and the water having no sanitizer residual. After super chlorinating then adding the copper ions to my water as an algaecide, these problems seemed to have gone away. My water now never seems to be cloudy, or odorous from being in need of a shock treatment and measuring and adjusting PH & TA has been reduced to once per month. My goal is to keep this water in the spa for a year before needing to change it and further reduce my time involved with maintenance.
  7. After coming to this board to learn more on the subject of spas and enter into a fair discussion on methods of spa maintenance and repair, I have found this board quite disappointing. I had looked forward to reading many questions and replies in an open debate forum that might advance my knowledge base. What I found here though is a motley crew of competing spa professionals who act like freaking babies. It is my observation that you and a handful of others with relations to this industry seem to be highly emotionally charged about any and all statements made by one poster, Jim. Meanwhile you hide behind the name "spatech (the unreal one)," which implies what exactly? Unlike many professionals who post on message boards relating to their industry, you guys are not honest with us readers as to who you actually are, your relationship to what specific spa company is or what other credentials you have. I understand that is not a requirement, but it certainly would give a resemblence to your information as being reliable. By comparison, I see that Jim has posted his name/hometown and a even a personal photo in his avatar which to me speaks volumes as to his credibility. Although I may not agree fully with his ideas, his opinion I found to be noteworthy as he is honest about himself first. Now that he has unfortunately left, hopefully another REAL Spa Professional can step in and fill his vacancy.
  8. Is whining about Jim all you do? In my opinion as a casual reader of this site , you seem to be over embellishing.
  9. Roger you totally misinterpreted what I said. In fact I almost expected you to misinterpret it as this seems habitual for you. It is not Jim's statement I was ridiculing but yours! What you are trying to describe DOES NOT AND CAN NOT OCCUR IN JIM'S SPA OR ANYONE'S ELSE"S SPA BUILT WITH THAT DESIGN. Your statement is nothing but a predetermined falsehood of science period. Your theory will never work. Please do not allow your emotional disdain for someone to get in the way of proving what is or is not a fact. Like Lt. General Russell Honore recently stated, "Don't get stuck on stupid!" Your comments are based on your biased untested theory to dishonor someone elses collected imperical data. That is not how scientists prove a fact. In science a fact should be able to be reproduced. Therefore your statement cannot be true.
  10. From someone on this board who seems to believe he knows much about spas such as you Roger, this is probably the dumbest statement I have read on this board. In fact, anyone who else who has read this is now dumber too. Way to go Roger!
  11. Your problem still has me thinking of what may have gone wrong. What are your chlorine and combined chlorine readings? Have you shocked the water? What is the combined chlorine level afterwards?
  12. Thank you for your research on the topic ski5844. It often seems that people who are uninformed about actual properties/benefits of these new water maintenance systems are too quick to jump to conclusions. Pacific Sands, the company who developed this product appears to be the leader in creating these new products and continuing research.
  13. Please post or link to your scientific findings of fact on this or any other spa maintenance chemical you are calling "snake oil" to better inform us whom are so ignorant. Thank you.
  14. Clear but green water is a sign of too much metals in the water like copper. Have you measured the copper level after adding the Rainforest Blue? It should be around 0.6ppm. Did you buy the Eco One starter kit and follow the directions? The kit comes with a cover cleaner that is used to clean the underneath of the spa cover and a cleanser used to clean out the spa of residues before using the enzymes. The discoloration on your cover is probably due to your ozonator. Are you using a floating spa blanket? The Eco One and Rainforest Blue are fine products and offer you much more ease than using Dichlor alone.
  15. Is this self admission for personal fault? Last time I checked it was still 2005 LOL "Knowing a great deal is not the same as being smart; intelligence is not information alone but also judgment, the manner in which information is collected and used" - Dr. Carl Sagan