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  1. Are you in or near Maryland - I have a RLX I am selling - the cover is unopened/brand new!
  2. pm sent
  3. Thanks Pete for the quick response (today is probably the last warm day here in MD) Is removing the pump a big job - let's say 1 hour job - or 4 hour job? Is there a DIY on the forum? (I looked could not find one) or a shop manual? or am I over analizing this (lol) Since you used to be in Richmond - is there anyone you can personally recommend to repair the tub? (Silver Spring, MD) How long might it take a certified tech to repair? (tub is very easy to access) Thanks! Chris
  4. Hello, I searched and have read several posts but none specific to my situation. I am new to this forum but have been tubbing for nine years The tub was purchased new and has developed a leak. It appears to be where the motor shaft goes into the wet side pump (I have a short video if needed) Is this a common problem for this tub? Is this model difficult (compared to others) to work on? I take very good care of it - I am the only user and want to keep it. Trying to find out if it's going to cost a fortune to repair. Is there anyone in MD (Silver Spring) that has worked on this model? The cold weather will be here very soon. Thanks in advance. Chris