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  1. Just a note for the Canadian shoppers/buyers to pass on a post on another thread by JohnnyXR----"Spa been working very good and in Canada Costco dropped price of Spa like about $500 and is offering a coupon discount of $450. I phoned and they said something about 30days from order date to get refund. I explained it had been about 30 days from payment to delivery and they refunded me both discounts. Gotta like that, so after tax I get like just a hair over a $1000 back." Don't cha just love costco's 90 day price guarrentee!
  2. I think soakerguy is right. My old spa (Platinum III) had the 24 hr circ pump and I thought that it was a great system. The jet pumps would come on for five minutes every few hours. You did hear it inside the house, just as J24 mentioned. I used "spa-flush" on each drain-refill and never got any crud out of the plumbing, so my conclusion was that the 24 hour circ system works. I'm a big fan of perimeter insulated spas, mostly because of the ease of serviceability. But the downside is, I think they're louder than the full-foam models. Wonder how much work it would be to change to a 24 hour circ pump system on the CSXi80? It's on my list of things to check out once mine arrives and I get a chance to examine the details under the hood. Noise is abit of concern for me too, since the neighbor's bedroom is just on the other side of the fence to where my spa will be located. When I added the "reflectix" insulation the noise went way down to just a barely audible hum. I still hear it but to be honest, lets me know all is well when I hear it. We've had our spa CXSi80 up and running less than a week, the noise of the spa running can't be heard in the house, outside yes. When you turn on the pump to the captains chairs that is the loudest noise, loud for the persons sitting in those two seats especially, talk is hindered when that pump is on the second (high) setting. The panels as of yet have not popped out and I don't forsee a problem there after we have had them all removed and checked out the entire spa, (this problem was addressed on the other forum that Strong Spa's had fixed this). I have seen no recent entry on this being a regular problem. We've had some nasty storms, weather changes, cold to warming up, winds(60mph) and rain lasting for many many hours....no problem with the panels. Great to sit in, in stormy weather! The Spa can seat 7 comfortably (1 person sits on the stairs) one of the seats (between the captains chairs) is smaller and would best fit a child. Yes you can choose how it cycles..........2, 4, 6, 8.......hour lengths ...............has three modes of operation, Standard, economy, and sleep. Unless you change the cycling it basically goes into a 2 hour filtration in 12. The Spa is impressive, looks better than the pictures. The only other spa I was interested in purchasing before we found this spa was a Hotsprings Limelight flare which would have cost easily twice as much. I did have to wait far longer to get my spa than others, (7 weeks) that would be the moving company from what I can tell, Strong had it out of their hands by week 3. The spa was well worth the wait, I was at the point where I was expecting to be disappointed or find that it had been damaged in the transport. The waterfall is a nice feature, and can be turned off/on, you can hear it while water is circulating/heating and on the first level of the pumps and appreciate it visually color-changing if pumps are on the higher levels. Hope this helps.....gonna go take a soak before bed, nite!