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  1. I am a newcomer to the hot tub community. My wife and I just purchased a used 110v hot tub and are getting a crash course in the subject. The first lesson learned is that the unit needed a dedicated 120v GFCI circuit. The second lesson learned is to check the filter to make sure it is not frozen so as to not "blow-off" the filter housing cover and bust the locking ring which hold it down. I am presently on the 3rd lesson which has to do with heating the water in the unit. I have been trying to heat the unit for 2 days, The highest I've seen the temperature get is 95 degrees (which feels like bath water to me). A little background, I have not fully insulated the unit as I have just got it set up but am wondering if the unit will get to the full 105 degrees I am looking for. Another bit of history is that the outside air temperature has been between 32 and 45 degrees for the past two days. What I am wondering is this, Should I buckle down and insulate the unit completely or is it more likely that there is some problem with the heating element (which may need to be replaced). and lastly, is it that this is a 110v unit (opposed to a 220v unit) and that is why it is having problems getting to the full 105 degree temperature. Any help on this is appreciated...