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  1. Sweet.
  2. Who are you again?
  3. I think they are plenty strong. Depends if you like a massage or skin removal. The "warm-up seat" as someone called is actually a cool-down seat and in my opinion is a must if you want to stay in a tub for long period without overheating
  4. I would suggest to wet test all three and make your own decision. What feels the best to you is probably what will make you the happiest. Hot tubing is as much a mental experience as anything else. Even if you have the best made spa, but there is something that bugs you about it (seating, jets, noise, etc.) you will not enjoy it. Arctic and Beachcomber are good enough brands, don't know anything about the third one.
  5. Why are you worried about Jim. It's a free country, you made a choice which you felt was good for you, that has nothing to do with Jim.
  6. Link does not work. I'd be intersted in checking out these strips.
  7. So if this is all part of a game you guys play, then 1) why doesn't the "child" stick to only insulting the "players", and insists on insulting newcomers/potential customers and 2) if it is just a game you guys play, why is the "child" banned everywhere (would be more fun to play on many "fields)?
  8. I am developing a Jim allergy. What can I put in my water to take care of it permanently? Thanks.
  10. Is there a dealer in your area?
  11. I think it is overpriced for what you get.
  12. Double standard.
  13. No we don't want any naked boys, but thanks for offering.
  14. I am not from the peanut gallery, but I hope you will accept my reply. Give your dealer an opportunity to make things right, and if they do not go elsewhere.