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  1. I'm looking to buy a swimming pool for exercise use in the garage. I am hoping to continue swimming as an exercise during the winter - and don't see myself going to a gym My Q's are: Garage issues: (a) It will take up one 1/2 of the garage with the other half a finished room - how do I keep mold from growing or water damage? ( The garage does not have any heating system in it (finished room has portable heater) - normally it's not much warmer than the outdoors (just not windy) - would A LOT of insulation, do the trick- I want to keep my operating costs down, and also not freeze when I come in/out of the water. Any other construction ideas/tips? © approx. how much should I expect costs to heat and operate it (I'd guess to maintain 80 degrees to swim in). Since I'd only be using this for about 1/2 hour each night, is it cheaper, do leave it unheated, and just heat it before you go in? (sorry for newbie Q's). Swimming Issues (d) I'd imagine it's REALLY boring (I'm used to watchign TV while on the elliptical machine to reduce boredom) - anything to do distract while in the water? Particular Model suggestions (e) Ideally - I'd swim for 20 - 30 min and then sit in the hot tub and watch TV - however how can you have one unit with both features - isn't the temp needed for hot tub - way too high to swim in- i.e. should I abandon the "swim and not tub" idea (f) I'm figuring to buy used (can't afford new) - any particular past/current models / brands to be weary of, or likewsie good ones to look for. Also is this an item that's worth buying used - or is it "someone else's headache" or something that beaks down often so you don't want used/old? thanks !
  2. thanks, you've talked sense into me and no hot tub in the house. I'm probably going to go with a low cost one for the backyard. thanks
  3. I think I'm giving up on the idea. As many have said the moisture will be too much of an issue - and it sounds like a dehumidifier will not be enough to control the moisture - and I don't want to risk my equipment (or house) :-) I could put a tub outside, but I'm just not comfortable sitting outside in the tub it's not as relaxing watching on a TV outdoors in a tub since the neighbors can see. oh well. One can dream. If I do end up changing my mind and going for the outdoor tub w/a plasma out there. A couple of questions: Is there a problem with inflatable portable tubs (much cheaper) also I found a used Capri Spa for $1k - however it's 20 YEARS OLD - assuming it runs fine- is it safe to assume that that would be a maintenance nightmare- destined to break down soon?
  4. Hi: I've never owned a hot tub before. But upon seeing a demo of softub at the mall, I got the idea - woudln't it be great having this in my home theater room (sit in the tub and watch movies on the big screen). My questions are: If the insulated cover is kept on all of the time (except the hour/day it's used) will there be moisture issues (the room is terribly ventilated and I don't want mold growing in the room or damage to the projector. If necessary I can run a dehumidifier in the room - but want know if that'll be enough (and also if necessary as it'll cost $$ to run) also what is the cost in electric of running a softub? Lastly: is there much spillage from the tub (as that'd ruin the floor, and create moisture issues) also how long is safe to sit in the tub? also I was wondering if softub is the best brand to buy (want cheap, used for 2 people, easy self installation, and no hassle) - or is there a better brand? and is there any other concerns that I should be considering. thanks, Jon