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  1. Its actually Jeff thats the owner.....but thats
  2. yes they are available in blue contact member LinerMFG he is the owner of Kayden Liners he can let you if there is a dealer near you
  3. In California if you're replacing a pool pump you only have 2 choices, less then 1Hp or variable speed
  4. are you turning the pump off before trying to move the handle?
  5. That heater should not have a problem getting to 104. if its not i would say the the thermostat is bad
  6. I will say that LinerMFGr does make a great liner. We have purchased liners from him in the past. He is a good guy who cares about his product.
  7. Its a Hayward sp1420. here is a site that sells them
  8. Can you post a picture??
  9. normally the bead and 1 or 2 inches above the tile pattern will be white or blue
  10. If your area is getting as cold as mine has been you should run the pump overnight
  11. Give me some info on your system it will make it easier to help you
  12. If your not heating the pool water a few hours a day is fine. Maintain a chlorine level in the pool. As far as how late you can keep it open all depends on the weather but I wouldn't push it much more then Thanksgiving. What town are you in?? Greg
  13. No problem leaving the spa open we do it all the time for customers.
  14. Try pouring water over each connection one at a time. The water will get sucked in if there is a leak and the air in the pump should stop for a few seconds. You might also be able to hear the air and water being sucked in. Also check the pump drain plug
  15. Thats a good price. I would look at the overall condition of the heater, the bottom is most likely rotted. If it is you'd be better off replacing the whole thing. A replacement Raypak 335k is about $3300 installed