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  1. You need to check one of the heater leads to ground and see if you get a reading. If so the heater is bad. If it reads open its good.
  2. I can't remember the year but they stopped doing the ut1, 2 3,and 4 around that time. If it doesn't go any higher than 104 when you hit the + button then yours can't do it. First thing to do is check the water temp with a medical thermometer to see if it really is 100 or is it close to 104. If the temp really is 100 and the thermistors are good then the only other thing to do would be plugging in a new control head to see if it helps.
  3. If you definitely have flow from the circ pump then it's probably the pressure switch which is internal to the heater. You can check to see if the switch is opening and closing with a meter or you can put a jumper on the board where the pressure switch plugs in and see if the problem is corrected.
  4. A sovereign I converted to 220v has 4 wires going to the terminal board and the jet pump runs on 110v. The Sovereign II has 5 wires and the jet pump runs on 220v. So it's not just a matter of moving jumpers, they are wired differently.
  5. ...also, if the 9000 was overheating but the 6000 works fine and it is indeed a 220v only Sovereign model II then it's possible that it's wired wrong and the pump is only getting 110v. Check to see if it says Sovereign I or Sovereign II on the model number inside the compartment then compare to the same wiring diagram on the box cover.
  6. It is most likely the heater relay board which is on the left where all of the wires come into the control box. If the heater light is on but there is no voltage there then the board is bad.
  7. Take a look at the HotSpring Gleam. ....same tub as the Cantabria but its a HotSpring version.
  8. The two most likely scenarios are either that the thermistors have failed again or the circ pump is not pushing enough water. If the flow looks good from the circ pump then its probably the thermistors again.
  9. They have sold over a million tubs and the one in question is 13 years old. I think you will be ok. A new Grandee is a great tub. Anyone have a 13 year old car that has ever needed a repair? Tires, brakes, a/c recharge, nothing? No maintenance? Sign me up....I'll buy it.
  10. Oh....I read the last post too quickly and thought it said "the tub is currently leaking" instead of "running". It probably was the ozone check valve or something like that.
  11. It's probably a small bleed line on he bottom of one of the Moto-massage compartments. They either need to take it back for repair or tip it up and do the repair there if they can figure out which one.
  12. Sounds like the heater is bad. Check between the black lead and the green lead on the heater...it should read open or zero. Any numeric reading and the heater is grounded.
  13. Your first post says 3 degrees within an hour and a half.....2 high hp pumps can definitely do that in an hour and a half....check the voltage too....if its low the pumps will get even hotter. We hook pool pumps up to a 50 gallon vessel to test them and the water can go from 70 degrees to 110 degrees in a few hours just from the pump running with no heater involved.
  14. You would need to check the temperature thermistors or possibly the control head is bad. Should be under warranty, have the dealer come and check it out.
  15. How did you verify that the heater was running when it was set for 101 and the summer timer was on?