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  1. you recomment shock after every use? i will try that. also when i first filled my LA spa tub i was told to run a cup of clorox thru the tub for about 1/2 hour to clear out any thing that could have built up during shipping in the pipes. i then drained it and refilled it. but when i had the build up recently the 5 times shock really worked to clear the water. robin
  2. i too was so curious about how much this cost. it will all be worth it. i spent a lot on my tub but i know i will use it for the next 20 years.....Enjoy.........this is what you work so hard for. ps my dads apartment is in the Hancock to see Chicago again....robin in new york
  3. I too have a new spa, a month old. i am having the same problem. so i got out my manual and saw that i should super shock it. use 5 times more(powder is what i have) shock than you would normally use. then let it run with lots of jets on for 15 min. then another 15 min on low jets. it seems to have really helped but i will give it a day and use the test strips to make sure it is ok to go in. robin
  4. I spent alot on my LA hot tub but i decided against the stereo and the fancy lights to save alittle money. I was online the other day and came across this replacement light for the single 12 volt light in my hot tub. for about 75.00 it has 20 different functions from single colors to waves of color. it sounds like alot of fun and it is inexpensive. does anyone have this and what do you think of it? and most of all is it bright enough. apparently there are 2 kinds. one with 7 functions that is less bright. robin
  5. lucky you, this weekend. I got the highest configuration of the 3-5 hp pumps and 59 jets. the most you can get for the Oasis. I too loved the wet test on the HEET and my dealer actually had a floor model she could have sold me for almost the same price as the Oasis but unforutnately it is just to big for my porch. But that Heet is awesome, keep us posted on your first dips! robin
  6. well the UWM system circ pump is under warranty for the first years of ownership and they have to change them for free so i am sure this is an issue for the dealer. But i am glad i got the UWM system anyway. i was told i could have those 3 options but i went with the UWM with circ pump because as i said when it is filtering you can almost no noise. really nice for me and my neighbor. robin
  7. thats's great and i feel it is so important to the decision. but here on long island they are not very accomodating with that offer. people who are shopping should push for this feature in order to buy, robin
  8. I just bought my LA spa here on long island new york. i found a dealer with a huge inventory about 100 miles away and I could have saved almost $2,000.00 at that dealer in southern n.j. but i would have had to transport it to me on my own and he would not be servicing it. he is too far away. You will find prices vary from state to state so it is hard to compare prices here when you don't know where people live. I also have peace of mind knowing i now have a relationship with a good dealer that will take care of my needs.....I hope! any way just my opionion as a private consumer. but ball park pricing does help and will quickly rule what you can not afford. robin
  9. I have visited almost every dealer on Long Island New York. I did get to wet test in one store and was offered a wet test after hours at one other store. I wondered why it seems no one else offered this. Yesterday I was told by a dealer that the state of New York has very strict rules regarding wet testing. It is the best way to judge a tub but it seems almost impossible to do here. If there are any New York dealers please address this issue with us since everyone here says the same thing over and over not buy without a wet test. I was lucky to wet test the spa I bought at its factory. I too agree it is very important. Unfortunately it seems unavailable at most places. robin
  10. i was looking at the Dynasty Excaliber camelot 4000 which is priced at 7000.00 with steps cover delivery on long island new york. See if you can upgrade to the excaliber series since it seems to have alot of power, if you like that. I just posted by choice above but feel the Dynasty has alot to offer at a good price for the northeast. I would have bought it as a second choice. robin
  11. I went for the ozonator after a long talk with the salesperson. One thing for sure have the circulation pump made the spa alot quieter when it is filtering the water. I could barely hear the pump running. a very nice feature when the tub is so close to the living room and house next door. thanks for your advice, i guess i could learn how to change a cir pump someday! robin
  12. ok I finally did it! i bought my LA Oasis spa yesterday. I went to a Dynasty showroom that had a tub with water in it. then I went to the LA show room. I just knew that i was getting alittle more power with the LA but at a price of 700.00 more. It just does not matter at this point. I know i have made the right decision. My tub this time around is about heavy duty jet therapy. I have a bath tub for soaking. But i would suggest people to look into Dynasty. I feel it is just a small step down from LA. We are talking about tubs that are under 8,000.00. Here on long island new york prices are steep and many other tubs like marquis, coleman, sundance were much more expensive with the features i wanted. most of all you have to know what you want. a party tub with a tv, deep therapy or just a peaceful dip. can't wait to be in a tub again since i have been missing my old round 4 jet sonoma i gave away 2 years ago. robin
  13. If i buy an LA spa the owner of this pool spa store is steering me away for the ultimate water system that is an additional $375.00. she is telling me that she has had to change the circulation pump many times on this tub during the first 3 years. We talked alot about hot tub maintence. I owned an old round Sonoma tub for 20 years and it did not have an ozonater. I had to do all my own chemicals which was pretty easy. I like the idea of the Ultimate water system and would spend the money on it, but i do worry about having to change even more parts as the tub gets older. it has a standard filtration system. any thoughts?
  14. thanks for the advice. today i am visiting another Dynasty dealer and hope they have water in there tubs. I have wet tested a few different companies and i now can tell the difference, even when i just put my arm in it can be obvious that the power is not there. the LA has so much power compared to others. the Coleman has a very good product but it was more expensive than the LA and the size i want 84x84 max (ruled out the incredible HEET) did not have the jets amounts for therapy. I will let you know what happened today.
  15. down to my 2 choices for my new hot tub. I have wet tested the LA with 3-5 horsepower pumps and largest jet configuration of 59 jets. the model was the HEET and the Oasis. the HEET is to big for my porch and the Oasis is just as great. my issue is deep therapy. I had the party tub now i want the therapy. Yesterday i went back to the Dynasty dealer that has been in business for 18 years here. we talked for 2 hours and he knows i am between Dynasty and LA. he knows LA well since he used to rep them years ago. he has given me a good price for the Excaliber 4000 which has 40 jets and 2-7hp motors. i still do not have my price for the LA yet but believe it will be around 1500-2,000 more. So heres the big issue, he is changing the room around and does not have any tubs with water in them so no wet test. when i was there in the past the tubs were full of water and seemed to have lots of power, i liked them thats why i have gone back. Does anyone have experience with Dynasty. they have replumbed their pipes for more power to the jets. the diverters concentrate to specific areas giving more power. there are less jets then the LA which could infact give more power to the jets. the jet configurations are almost the same as LA and look to provide similar effects. and the 2006 model has the newer insulation package where the motor, etc are accessible for fixing. So the big issue is will I be disappointed with the therapy/power of this tub compard to the LA. this dealer knows how I feel and he also knows i will be pretty angry if it does not have the power i am hoping for. At this point i am not going to ask him for a wet test. he has a very good reputation and is in the process of opening a second store. any thoughts will help, Robin