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  1. That is well below dealer cost for a new one, its a re furb tub
  2. I know that from speaking to Nordic they are very close to being fully certified as CEC compliant. If so they must be well insulated.
  3. Yes they really do, they have found what is "their" niche and stick with it, they are not trying to be a super high end but instead build a spa at a fair price that is a quality product that works well for people. What impresses me about them is their bottom which is very good, the fact that they use all pressure treated wood in the frames, the components they use are from the best makers in the industry, The shell while not as pretty as a acrylic is very durable. For me they are just a nice tub for the dollar.
  4. Mike, There is a very big difference more so in the company's that build and back your spa. A nice round tub will of course look very much alike but the fit and finish will be different as will the quality of cover and components that make up your spa. I would make sure all of the spas can be wired to 110 or 240 volts since you mention heating I think having the option is important to you. You spa will perform the same on either but the heater will go from a 1.0 or 1.5kw to a 4.0 kw or more depending on your wiring. Check the brands reputations and you will see who seems to stand behind their products long term and those who have earned their reputation for not doing so as well.
  5. Nordic owners who post here seem to be very Happy with their spa. The Joke is one of the few who loves to throw stones at them but at the end of the day they make a solid tub that use's some of the very best components in the industry.
  6. Diamante has spas that are as large as the Cal spas, unsure about the quality but from what I have seen I would say they are at least on par with the Cal and you should be able to be under 10,000.00. Sundance is a upper end spa that you are going to pay more dollars for.
  7. That is title that is earned and not just bestowed upon you without its due merit....
  8. That would be fine and it sounds reasonable enough but if you go back as you suggested others do and apparently have it is fairly easy to see how this turned into something it was not intended to be. In your first post you state you really do not know much about Marquis but you than proceed to make comments that are inaccurate and instead of just letting it go and being humble you escalate into something more, Marquis was purchased by the employees over 8 years ago and that is really one of its strengths but I am unsure how it matters today, they have not used Gecko controls for many years and I believe when they did it was only on limited basis which by the way doesn’t D-1 still use them nothing wrong with Gecko by the way. And it seems you conveniently over look questions that are raised. I am sure that spa rating site was not to pleasing to you. So I wish you a happy and healthy new baby , I am going to bite my tongue after that.
  9. Again spoken like a true traveling Carney who makes huge assumptions while knowing nothing of the person their speaking to and most of the time knowing even less about the product (forget knowing the competition) their selling that week, again you don't know me so stop playing the road show vagabond all knowing guru and stop with your to good to provide service to someone on a showroom floor, that testing of customers water is beneath you, more likely your incapable of it. You with all your wealth of knowledge as it is displayed here, along with you arrogance is what a traveling sales man is just someone who can't hack providing the long term service of a customer and who can run away from a town as fast as they blew in with the hope the check clears and you have bus fare to the next stop. Thank for being the definition of what many think of road show guys.
  10. Hey traveling road rip off , take the money and leave town boy, You mentioned three brands funny thing is I have been offer 2 of the three you mention but after looking at them and speaking to friends who have in the past or currently carry the lines would not trade them for Marquis, I do believe all of the spas in the group among the best with Marquis being every bit their equal or in my opinion sometimes a better over all spa.
  11. One person in this conversation holds bias to a brand, thats you. I sell everything and will never make nor lose a sale for what I type on this board. I have never claimed Marquis was not a good spa, I have just explained the benefits of the circ pump which the top three manufacturers use. A man named Tom who opened the first spa store in Colorado over 30 years ago added a brand without a circ pump and in exact words explained to me that "Even though it costs more to run I wont have to keep replacing the circ pumps"....now I have even admitted it goes out frequently...but you somehow fail to agree with EVERYONE who doesnt wear blinders to other manufacturers and has been mind washed by one brand-spas using circ pumps cost less and are easier to manage...do the pumps fail more frequently-yes....does using a 56 frame pump less in an on off standpoint to heat the water wear on pump more....OFCOURSE. You can call me a carny, I call myself a carny. I just choose to have teeth and dress nice. You can make fun of my traveling profession, but dont pretend that just because I sell different brands does not mean I mislead my customers. I like you sell my product, you mislead this board when you try to keep Marquis in a quality competition with d1 sundance and hot springs. Actually you are pittifully slow in your thinking, I mentioned all of the spas in the discussion were well made, Your touting of a circ pump as an end all to everything is just narrow minded and wrong. None of the brands you mentioned have the warranty of the Marquis for me personally I think the Marquis and D-1 are the best over all in build quality but others would disagree. I am sure there is one brand that you mentioned that you won't be showing the underside or the equipment area on it as it simply does not measure up. by the way who is largest Dealer of spas in the Denver area do you even know?
  12. Steve, Yes that's why I mentioned that the larger circ pumps came around to make up for all of the smaller pumps short comings. Beachcomber may have them in the 90's, Sundance just started using them last year on limited models and I am sure there are others who use them but as of now the small unit is far and away most widely in use. I still think the CEC is going to play a big role in what ultimately will be "industry standard".
  13. Tony, That's well said and much like what I mentioned in earlier posts, I did state that for me personally I would rather have the larger 56 frame pump filtering than the small circ pumps and again like you. I mentioned that both ways can work. It is just that when you get people stating things that are untrue or to suit this weeks story it what bothers me. I am wondering what CEC is going to go with and if the new larger circ pumps now being used are going to meet their code. I think many makers are still waiting to find out what the uniform policy will be as of now it is still not clear.
  14. You don't know me so watch you mouth, What I do not like is anyone who speaks about things like an authority when it is only to suit their personal agenda and like all traveling carneys which that is all you are, You lack the ability to speak credibly about anything using examples or facts you just spew your opinions as they were gospel. Never did you address or even attempt to refute anything I said all you did was brag about how much money you make, hummm lets see that would come from very the unknowing consumer who listens to your lies as they are told with passion and conviction in much the same way as the snake oil salesman of the old west. Put any of the spas you mentioned in side by side test and see top to bottom who comes out on top. so go and count your pennies and try and forget about all of those you just took advantage and hope that the next bus comes quickly to take your next road show and the promises of more riches and as far considering another brand I would not take a step backwards to the lesser quailty products that you mention, actually there fine tubs but certainly no better as a whole than Marquis. Oh and by the way you incredibly slow minded soul the frog is available in many spas and they are private labeled for leisure time.