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  2. Hello, I was looking at simple solutions to dispensing bleach out of 121oz Costco sized bleach container. I thought a Pump Dispenser would be a good, however, I have seen reviews on amazon where the spring oxidizes. Looking for a clean way to use it, especially since I'm normally using it in low light conditions so pouring isn't exactly convenient. Thanks.
  3. Aad - This is what your flow switch looks like (sorry, I called it a pressure switch earlier): Sometimes they've been replaced with a clear plastic flow switch. It would be mounted in the 3/4" hose by the circ pump. It looks like there's a white fitting on the input side of your circ pump, but I can't zoom in to the image clearly. That may be your flow switch. When the circ pump is running, the switch closes, so if you check for continuity on the wires coming out of the switch, you would get continuity when water's flowing and no continuity when water's not flowing.
  4. Features aside, having a local dealer with a good reputation will be the most important feature. We have some great Jacuzzi and Hotsprings dealers in our region, so those customers tend to be very happy. I've worked on quite a few Sundance spas and think they're well made - I only have one Bullfrog customer. His circuit board went soon after his warranty expired, but Bullfrog gave him a generous discount on the new parts. His electronics were Balboa, so the fact they died soon after the warranty ended is no reflection at all on Bullfrog. Balboa guts are in 30 or 40% of the hot tubs out there. My point, anyhow, is that Bullfrog stood behind their product. I always recommend my customers to stay away from wifi apps and stereo systems. Electronics will break down first and repairs are very expensive. Pop up speakers will break as soon as the warranty runs out. Bluetooth is a little more sensible than DVD/CD players, at least there are no moving parts. A hot tub is, obviously, a hot, humid environment and not well suited to stereos. Speakers mounted in the walls are definitely better than speakers mounted in the tub tub. Top mounted speakers are like water funnels and no matter how many gaskets they put in or how tightly mounted, water seems to always get into the speakers. I've seen a few spas with wifi issues related to firewalls on the homeowner's router. I don't know your situation but it's worth discussing with your dealer in advance. I get that wifi is useful if you want to turn the heat up in the tub when you're on the way home from work, but the concept of updating your hot tub's software is silly. I think it's a feature in search of a need, not the other way around. Although I'm sure it will generate a lot of business for us in the future as iPhone auto-correct changes everyone's keystrokes and their hot tubs stop working :).
  5. Thank you chem geek for the detailed answers. Really appreciate you digging into the details. A few more questions have come up for me as we've been using the tub which has been working great with the dichlor-bleach method. 1) What are you recommendations regarding how and how often to clean the filter? I have found some information here but methods seem to vary significantly from light spraying to monthly soaking. I'm thinking regardless, its not a bad idea to buy a second so that when you are cleaning one, the other can be in the tub. 2) How do I know when I need to perform a water change? The water clarity has been great in the tub though I suspect visual inspections isn't the way to determine.
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  7. I think so too. Heater is ordered and I will tell you guys how things will work when installed. Thanks.
  8. The new old heater relay boards have different connectors than the new ones, so you may have to do some wire cutting. It's not the most difficult hot tub repair to make, but my advice would be if you're not handy or technically inclined, I'd leave the high voltage repairs to a professional. If you attempt it yourself, make sure your power is turned off. All the breakers in the sub-panel, not just the one you think is for the heater. Take a picture of the existing board and wiring so when you remove the wires you know where to put them back. Than check again to make sure the power is turned off. I don't trust anyone - I always check with my voltmeter before I touch anything. There's no guarantee that the previous do-it-yourself'er who installed the tub himself did it right. 240 Volts is not something you want going through your body. The heater relay board is a little less expensive than a "universal" heater. A Hotsprings heater is 2-3 times more expensive than the universal. It's more work to put in the heater, I'd expect a higher install charge than for the relay board.
  9. Hai friends, I am an IT professional. My work is very tedious and stressful. Every day I reach home with a lot of stress and tension. One day my wife suggested me to check my blood pressure. When I checked I was shocked to see that my pressure is in border level. The doctor advised me to control my blood pressure or else it will affect my health. He prescribed me some medicines but I recently found an article titled how hot tubs can help reduce stress( ). The articles describe how warm water therapies can initiate positive physical and mental changes. Has anyone tried it out before? Is it a useful method to get rid of stress? Should I go with the medicines or will hot tubs help me to get rid of stress? Your feedbacks would be very useful.
  10. Hai friends, I am Paul Torres, a newbie to this forum. Glad to meet everyone here.
  11. You should be able to measure 240V to the heater leads when the HTR ON LED is lit. . The relay board is likely where this problem originates since you've stated you no longer have voltage at the heater leads and the lamp you've connected no longer lights up. Replacing the relay board with Watkins part number 77119 should resolve this issue.
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  13. I tested the relays with the pump connected and they did stay energized and supplied power to the pump when the motor stopped. So I'm confident it's the pump motor. It would be nice if it was something as simple as the starting capacitor or a faulty thermal switch. The spa is keeping itself clean with just the recirculating pump so I'll wait until after winter to drain it and pull the big pump to see if I can see what's going on. I'll update the forum when I do that. Thanks for your help ScubaDave!
  14. Bump on an old thread. This si my situation exactly. Lenny > did you ever resolve this? What was the fix? Any help is greatly appreciated.
  15. Hello guys, a pressure switch Dave? I would say so. I assume it must be in the circuitboard somewhere. Replacing a bad pressureswitch instead of the whole board would be a great fix if needed! I did remove the jumper once, then the "heater on" and "Lim" leds started blinking right away. So I put it back in, but had to restart to get things to "normal". Next time I'll try your method, restart the spa, after the circ pump starts, than replace the jumper.. By the way, the spa worked fine in this setup for months (since we owned it), including the jumper, Filter is not the issue, I removed it and the heater still wouldn't heat, for days. We are now waiting for the new relayboard, Really hope that's the solution.. If not, your pressureswitch replacement will be next on my list. Thanks again for all your ideas. We really appreciate this. I'll keep you posted. Greeting from a rainy and windy Holland. Aad ps. I would love to attach more pics of the spa/circuitboards. But space on this forum is very limited so I already reached to max. (I do not mean to critisize, don't get me wrong)
  16. Not exactly sure what Arctic Spas you were looking at but sure do not understand your comments on how old looking they are. First of all they have the choice of the 2 nicest cabinets in the industry being their furniture grade cedar as their standard cabinet and then their matching no maintenance cabinet in choice of 2 colours. As far as their LED lighting packages they have three to choose from including their ultimate lighting package that lights up all their jets and topside controls, drink holders and corner lighting on their cabinets. Stereos they have three different options all of which are run through a bluetooth amp. They have wet tunes which are good sounding pop up speakers, Aqua tremor which uses transducers mounted to fibreglass shell making your actual spa the speaker, and then Aqua tremor deluxe which includes the pop up speakers and the transducers. They are also the only company that all their jets give you a nice rotating massage not like most other companies that use mostly directional jets that after a while feel like someone poking you in the back. Also they have the spa boy salt water system that takes the guess work out of water management by producing chlorine when needed and monitoring your ph at the same time.With this system also comes a wifi system that you can control your spa through the app or once spa registered on their network portal you can monitor your spa from anywhere in the world. Independent studies have also proven Arctic to be the most energy efficient spa built and with the power management program they have with their system you can literally see on the network exactly how much your spa is costing you to run per day instead of here say salespeople tell you. So I'm afraid your assessment of Arctic is totally inaccurate in your comments.
  17. I suspect the high chlorine demand is from something other than bathing. Probably biofilm in your plumbing. I would get some Ahh-Some for spas and do as many treatments/refills as necessary until the foam shows no contaminants.
  18. I suspect the leak is due to broken hose nipple on back/bottom of the Moto Massage box. It's fairly common. See my post with pictures here:
  19. Had a productive day today. I used my day off work to shop around and check out some spa's... 1. Arctic Spas - First impression, not that good. They all looked like they were 10 years old, very outdated looking. This company is lacking in looks and design. Very expensive, old technology control screens, no modern LED features and no attractive stereo options. Again, everything looked old. 2. Cal Spas - First impression, again not that good. The dealer looked like a fly-by-night operation. They only had 1 Cal Spa on the floor and it was 3 years old and beat to ****. Then the salesmen tried to sell me a Clearwater Spa, which I new nothing about. I left that place quick with bad vibes. 3. Sundance Spas - Not originally on my radar but I was driving by and thought what the hell. Very impressed. First impressions were very good, Sundance looked very modern, and appeared to be built extremely well. You can tell right away that these are very high-end, quality spas. The dealer was also fantastic, very helpful and trustworthy. The 980 and 880 spas have really nice features including a nice LED control panel, and an Ultraviolet water system. 4. Bullfrog Spas - First impression was just wow! Very modern styling, quality materials, and feature packed! I didn't get a look inside the maintenance panel but I trust it's guts are just as well built as the exterior. The A8 series had a beautiful LED control panel, premium LED lighting features, and a premium ozone water system. Obviously the biggest feature was the Jetpack system. I was also impressed with the dealer. A long time staple in my community. So, I've narrowed it down to 2 choices. The Bullfrog A8 and the Sundance Optima. Here's my pro's and con's Bullfrog A8 PRO's - Beautiful modern exterior design - Modern LED control display w/auxiliary control pad - Detailed premium LED lighting package - Stereo System is subtle and well designed - Jetpack System is a major selling feature - Minimal plumbing due to the Jetpack system - Simplified Maintenance by design - Cloud control system - Solid dealer and manufacturer support - Quality construction inside and out (No wood or metal) Did I mention the Jetpack system? CON's - Price of course - honestly I got nothing else. This company and model checked all the boxes for me. Sundance Optima PRO's - Fairly nice exterior (not as nice as the A8 IMO) - Quality construction inside and out - Modern LED control display - Ultraviolet water system - High quality jets - Sunsmart Wifi technology - JBL Stereo is subtle and well designed - Solid dealer and manufacturer support CON's - LED lighting is entry level and pretty lame, should be better for a high-end tub - No auxiliary control pad - Wood frame construction - No jetpack system Right now I'm leaning towards the Bullfrog A8. Seriously pro's and con's aside, the Jetpack system is hands down one of the biggest features I've ever seen... I mean being able to switch a jetpack on the fly is YUGE! For example, if my wife (who is short and petite) wants to try the neck massager jetpack, but this jetpack is currently located in a deep seated chair, I can just swap it over to her shallow seat in seconds! Brilliant! Not to mention being able to try other jetpacks down the road, you can basically keep evolving your hot tub as you see fit... Seems like a game changer to me. Now I just gotta see if I can beat my sales guy up a bit on price...
  20. Okay this is odd, Tun on deck and can only see it leaking through the gap in boards roughly in the spot under the recliner seat WEll filled it up and it leaked out like mad. Filled it up, cycled the pumps and jets and no more leaking. How odd is this, what could have caused the leaking to stop using the jets?
  21. UPDATE We did manage to negotiate a bit and went for the Caldera Salina for $9350, brand new, tax included. It was the most spacious one for my husband ( 6'2").
  22. I just installed a Hayward sand filter in place of my old cartridge filter. It has been running for a few weeks but I noticed the other day that after about 3 hours of running the pressure would jump up to 30-35psi from the normal run time of 15. I figured it was time for a backwash as it has been about a month since install. I backwashed it for about 1.5-2mins, then returned the pump to normal operation the next day I noticed the same thing. so I did the same, backwash and return on. This seemed to fix the pressure issue. until about 3 hours later I noticed it high again. I shut the system down, let it sit for about 15 mins before I got back to it and when I restarted it without backwashing or doing anything pressure was fine and again ran for about 3 hours when I checked the pressure was high again. Does anyone know what might be causing this? Thanks in advance for your assistance.
  23. We purchased a new Hot Springs Vanguard Spa with an ACE Salt System this fall. Since being installed the ACE System has never produced sufficient chlorine for us. At first we were using it (2 of us) daily for about an hour or so each time which I understand is very high use; and I understand the need to supplement some chlorine. Now, however, we are using the hot tub quite a bit less, 2 of us, 2-3 times a week, usually for no more than 30-40 minutes... but there's never any free chlorine when we go to get in. If I am diligent about adding a little and running the clean cycle each time we get out of the tub, we will maintain an appropriate level, but never without supplementing with granules. I have tried to boost and increased the output to 10 but it still never makes a difference. I have also cleaned the cell - I just did it today and I didn't see it bubble at all while it sat in the cleaning solution for 10 minutes. I also verified my salt level with a test strip and the salt levels are correct. I thought perhaps this was just an overuse issue but surely they don't charge so much for a system that simply doesn't work, do they?
  24. does anyone have a plumbing diagram. I have a bottom leak that is about 1.5 - 2 ' in from the front of the unit in the middle. THe unit drains but not 100%, the well int he middle is still full.I am not yet able to get it out and turn on side, just atrating out there to see if anyone has the diagram and hs had similar issue
  25. does anyone have a plumbing diagram. I have a bottom leak that is about 1.5 - 2 ' in from the front of the unit in the middle. THe unit drains but not 100%, the well int he middle is still full.I am not yet able to get it out and turn on side, just atrating out there to see if anyone has the diagram and hs had similar issue
  26. Thanks for all the great advice. I got a taylor test kit and I changed the UV bulb. Thanks again
  27. I just tested out the 1K ohm resistor mod on a balboa BP510 controller and it worked perfectly. Temp after mod is 3 degrees lower than what it reads normally. Also I'm not sure why no one ever posted that the best way to do this is to make a little extension cable (see attached picture) instead of cutting the wire on the hottub. It is just a 2 pin header with the 1K ohm resister on one lead and then that goes to a 2 pin female connector. This way you don't have to worry about voiding your warranty. Just plug the old connector into the 2 pin header, and the the female connector to the motherboard. If you ever need service remove this and no one would know.
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