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  2. They are alive and kicking, building quality tubs now in the Netherlands.
  3. You'll need an engineer to tell you if the pad is going to support the tub. 4" thick is sort of the general recommendation, but it depends on the soil and how much crushed stone is under the pad. A cheap afternoon project by a home owner putting 4" of concrete onto sandy soil isn't going to cut it. Some places say the pad needs to be reinforced, although I've read many anecdotal postings from people saying their pad isn't. I doubt your electrician will dig a trench and cut into the pad to run wiring underneath and through it. He won't just "lay wire" across the yard, the wire needs to be in the proper conduit, and anchored. He should follow the local rules and have it inspected. I can't give any recommendations as to if the 575 is better for you than the 375, it's your money. A lifter is nice, dealer installed is good, better than you buying an aftermarket lifter and making a bunch of holes in the tub. Stainless steel jets are just a cover clipped over the plastic. Looks good but not any better functionally. I'm not a fan of wifi in a hot tub (although Bluetooth is nice for playing music from your phone). I don't know many people who need to communicate with their tub via the internet, although I do know many people who have problems making it work properly. But if you've got the dealer to take care of you, I'm sure you'll get it settled out. Clear-Ray is Jacuzzi's overpriced version of an ozonator, but even at it's inflated price it's worthwhile, it'll save money in chemicals and keep your water cleaner. "Smart Seal" is foil covered bubble wrap. Helps keep the heat in the tub Much better than that pumped in insulation alot of manufacturers use, and you can repair it with duct tape, which you will do the first time the tub is opened up for service. Dave
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  5. If it has a plug that fits in a standard wall outlet then it should be 110V, 220V units are hard wired and shouldn't have a plug at all. I say should because you never know what some people will attempt to do to a hot tub. 1.5HP pumps are as much as 110 will push so you normally only see those in a 110 tub. If the plug isn't a GFCI style (see photo) make sure that your outlet or breaker that will be running the tub is a GFCI. Most tubs that are 110 can be converted to 220 which allows you to run the pump and heater at the same time. Wire placement and/or dipswitch settings can be different depending on desired voltage so keep that in mind if do want to wire it in for 220. Good luck to you.
  6. The chlorine smell is likely combined chlorines. You need a good test kit to test for them. Here are links with instructions on how to slam your tub and get rid of them. The instructions are for a pool but are the same for a hot tub.
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  8. We have narrowed down to the final choice of the Vita Spa Prestige 500. We are doing a wet test next week. Does anyone have one? Pros and cons? Thanks!
  9. Ok first of all I was given (for free) a 6.5'x6.5' hot tub. It has been sitting and neglecting for over a year. There are no brand tags or model numbers. It needs cleaned and some plumbing fixed underneath. My questions are, how can I tell if it's a 110v , 220 or 240v? It has a regular 3prong plug in , 1.5 HP pump but the heating element says rated for 240v. But also has a high and low light. I'm not sure if that means it can take up to 240v or if it's required. I've read somewhere that the 1.5hp pump indicated 110v plug and play? I'm not sure how to upload pictures, every time I try it say too big
  10. Your main issue with ordering something online is who will take care of you if things go wrong. If the CL tubs are backed by a local store that takes care of warranty work then that wouldn't be a bad option. However, I'd be leery of any company that uses CL as their main form of advertising or local presence. Do an independent search for any reviews on the brand before you buy. As someone mentioned earlier, there are some quality rotomolded hot tubs like Dream Maker that are decently built and normally run under $4500. If you bump your budget by around $1000 you should be able to find something with better quality from a more well known company (Jacuzzi, Calspas, etc.). It would be in their entry level series so you won't have all the bells and whistles but the construction will last. Good luck either way.
  11. My spa tub turns on and off with the push of the button, most of the time. After it has been running for 30 or minutes or more it will not shut off. I have to shut off the circuit breaker. I have replace the bellows switch on the tub, the tubing, and the switch on the motor. Any ideas/ Thanks Harold
  12. I know this discussion is kinda dead I let the chlorine drop down to about 2 and added it back in with the floater closed and blocked one of the holes. That seems to keep the Chlorine down between 1-2 ppm. I having yet another issue though. The spa has a really harsh chlorine smell when the bubbles are on. When they're off its has hardly any smell at all. I tried shocking it to about 20 ppm and leaving the cover off for a few hours. The Chlorine is back down to safe levels but the smell is still there. I'm actually thinking about switching to Bromine. I also want to get an accurate test kit but if I don't know if Taylor makes one that tests both chlorine and bromine since the above ground pool my great aunt is giving us has a sand filer and a SWG. Ill probably drain the spa and scrub it really good and let it air out for a day or two then set it up with bromine unless I hear otherwise
  13. Did you end up getting the hot tub off craigslist?
  14. Sounds to me that Bullfrog is being penny wise and pound foolish - and just DUMB, business dumb. They'll lose more potential future sales due to reluctance to fix this issue for buyers, and at no charge. Bad recommendations go 100 times farther than good ! It's like when Doughboy refused to warranty my 1-month-old above ground pool liner, even though it leaked at the seam, causing a sinkhole/bubble which would've been soon to burst. Doughboy admitted it was a manufacturing defect and tried to pin it on the installer, the installer's poor paperwork of when he bought it, and I still had the original liner box from Doughboy. Doughboy wanted me to cut out the bad part, and to cut out the part with the Sharpied manufacturing number and send those to Doughboy for evaluation (even though I sent photos of those), and then Doughboy would evaluate. So best case scenario through Doughboy would've been a full month. I basically told Doughboy that I would just post my experience everywhere, and only then did Doughboy agree to send a new liner. By the way, during this 3-week "discussion", my daughter and I drained the pool, put a patch over both inside and outside surfaces, and stopped the leak; the new liner sits in a closet. Note that the pool is NOT Doughboy, just I went with Doughboy liner as I was told by the installer that those were the best. I watched the installer - same guy who installed the pool a dozen years earlier - as he installed it, he did nothing wrong.
  15. I think I have decided on Jacuzzi because I like this dealer. They said they stand behind there tubs but don't have a dedicated staff for repairs they have a specific contractor they work with for all repair work and he is certified in all brands including Jacuzzi and has been doing repairs for a long time. They were not high pressure and spent a lot of time discussing the 3 models I was interested in with the Lounge. There is a large MasterSpa dealer not far as well but I went to a show and it put a bad taste in my mouth by starting out selling us a low end tub for the same price they eventually wanted to sell us a high end tub for. Right now I have it narrowed to J-375, J-480, and J-575. They want $10800, $13800, and $14800 which includes the nicer ProLast cover, a lifter(jacuzzi 500 series), stainless jet upgrade, Clear Ray UV Light, Resin stairs, chemicals, wifi module, Smart Seal insulation package(this silver insulation they put on the inside), delivery and placement. I could not see the 575 as it was not in showroom. I saw the 480 and sat in it and I am able to come back and wet test the 375. I am purchasing this tub because I have nerve, muscle, and joint issues after 30 years with Diabetes. I'm sure my wife and our family will also use it for entertainment but my main goal is to soothe... Our life is also extreme high stress with a child with life threatening illness so reducing stress is important. Anything sound off about this deal? Any advice? Why such a big jump in price to go from 300 to 400? Is it worth it? If I decide to go with the 480 or 575 model is it worth it to jump up to the 575? We have a large plain concrete slab patio. I am not the original owner and have no idea how it was made. Will this be OK for any of these models or do I need some special reinforced concrete slab? I have electrical panel in my basement right next to where the tub will go outside. Will the electrician just just lay wire on the slab and go into the basement through the joist or does it need to be run under the slab? I don't really want to tear up my existing slab.
  16. Perhaps this Home Garden Spa from Hudson Bay is enough for you. It's such a good spa for playing just playing around. The price has been reduced at Wayfair to not more than $2600. The size is 76 x 76. Here is the review of the product and may be quite helpful for you
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  18. The one with the black cord is the new style and performs better.
  19. This man, James Arjuna, is a straight up crook! He displays the characteristics of a person suffering from Antisocial Personality Disorder aka Sociopath. He has no guilt, shame, or remorse for the damage he does to people and shows no sympathy, empathy, or compassion for the suffering he causes. He ripped us off for $55,703 based on a civil judgement we obtained on January 14, 2010 against The Spa Specialist, Inc. the former name of hias company that he still uses illegally because that company was deregistered in Colorado around 2011. He has not paid us a penny towards this judgement! It was filed for 1.) Stock Fraud, 2.) Failure to repay a loan. 3.) Failure to pay for repair work performed. James Arjuna aka James Campbell Gruver is my younger brother. My name is John Barnett Gruver. Recently my wife was afflicted with Multiple Myeloma Cancer and I emailed James Arjuna asking for financial help with the medical costs. I have not received an answer and never will! I call him a bloodsucking maggot! He is a cold heartless monster as far as I am concerned! I strongly suggest that you do not do business with his company. He defrauded/swindled us, his family members, and no doubt that we are not the first nor the last people he has defrauded! If you research him on line you will find lots of complaints about him and his companies. He has been thrown off of all of the Portable Spa/Hot tub forums online that I am aware of for being a known liar and a cheat. He makes a litany of false claims about the "Alleged" engineering of his products. He claims to be a scientist and an engineer, yet he has no credentials for Science or Engineering and has no on the job experience in the capacity of an Engineer or a Scientist whatsoever! He is a classic scammer! Attached is a copy of the Judgment which is good for 10 years and can be renewed every ten years. Our "investment" in his company was supposed to bring us income for the life of the company with an "Alleged" 25% investment for $30,000 cash. We never received a penny of the profits! They have all gone into his wife's and his pockets! Judgment Entered pgs 1 & 2 .pdf
  20. Sadly, a lot of old style pool cleaners are still in use, and few are still available in market. These can consume sometimes over 1,000 watts – which cost a LOT more in expenses to operate as compared to newer, low-voltage units. You can search for latest energy efficient pool cleaners in market but make sure you do also some research on clients reviews and find few genuine reviews before finally selecting the one.
  21. Thanks Supersoak
  22. I purchased a 2016 Bullfrog last fall and after 9 months our pillows also bubbled and peeled. My spa dealer greatly supported me in trying to get a logical answer from the manufacturer but Bullfrog gave us the same answer you received. While the gas zone may be the cause, it still doesn't excuse them from a poorly designed pillow where the bromine/chlorine gases can permeate through the foam material and create the bubble under the surface liner of the pillow until it eventually it tears. I noticed that once the liner tears the foam underneath is crumbly. The manual only says to remove the pillows whenever the water is over sanitized--that is a huge hassle to make sure this is the case on a daily basis to monitor. From a practical standpoint you would have to do without a spa cover all the time to guarantee a no gas zone would be present. Another problem is the foam pillow is attached to a plastic piece that doesn't need to be replaced but the company makes you replace both making each pillow expensive! I decided to work with my spa dealer to get a discount for replacement pillows, but now however I am leaving the bad ones on (or leave the pillows off altogether with the cover on) and only putting on my replacement pillows whenever the spa is being used. Even though I like my Bullfrog massage features, I cannot recommend this spa to others until a DURABLE pillow is developed. I would advise them to buy a spa that does not use this type of pillow.
  23. I don't know about 3D printing and epoxy - if you decide to try I'd like to hear the results. You have a 3" flex line coming out of a pump and going to a 1" line through a reducer? That's a strange engineering design. Or did you mean the Tee is 3" from the pump? Assuming you've got more than 3 inches to play with, there's no need to cut back the flex line all the way to the pump. All you need is a good gluing surface for the new fittings. Personally, when I do a repair, I cut off as little pipe as I can get away with. You want to leave as much gluing surface as possible for future use, or in case you measure wrong and have to rip out your work and redo it. When you're dealing with plumbing repairs, always plan out how you're going to make the last glue joint before you do anything else. You don't want to be stuck with two tight connections, trying to figure out how to get a coupling between them. Don't use PVC with the shallow necks, those are for waste lines. You want the Lasco PVC with a 1" gluing shoulder, which in my area you can get at Loews (not Home Depot). Dave
  24. Your on the right track, keep it simple. I've owned 2 hot tubs and a swim spa and every one over the years simply lost "extra" features like radios, remote controls, ozone generators, UV lights just because they were not robust and the cost to repair did not provide something beneficial. Most spas are actually simple devices made up of common components and most owners really never use all the features, 3 pumps, zillions of jets once the novelty wears off.
  25. Thanks Dan. The pictures appear side by side on my computer, so just confirming, the white faced panel is the older version and silver faced panel is the newer version? Which takes me back to the part of my original question. There were some troubles with some of the earlier aux panels and HS went back to an original supplier (or so the story go's, from other threads within this forum). So are the white ones, one of these? What is also interesting is some authorised spa dealers (very reputable) are advertising the white ones for sale, and if they're original (its a 2005 pool) means there stock could be up to 12 years old. Which sounds kind of weird, fishy or not quite right. Cheers Murf
  26. So I read here about shocking to reduce combined chlorine. I did it an hour ago and now I'm getting no reading for chlorine at all! should I leave it like this over night and recheck in the morning? It's inside and does not get sunshine. Is this what I was trying to accomplish. Did I hit the 'break point' ?
  27. I'm having this very same issue right now did you find a solution if so what was it please help
  28. If you want to get a maximum hydrotherapy, try saline hot tub! They really offer a great warm water therapy experience while also caring your skin. You will not feel any disturbing smell of chemicals like bromine or chlorine since it is used the processed salt as the chemical substitute. I assure you you will get both healthy benefits from warm water and salt to pamper your body. Hope this article will be helpful
  29. Glad you got things sorted out. I wouldn't worry about phosphates. It should be fine until the next refill. Found this on another forum:
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